17 February 2010

AAUP Launches New Online Journal

The American Association of University Professors announces the publication of a new online journal—The AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom. This is the first journal devoted entirely to the subject of academic freedom and is funded by the AAUP’s Academic Freedom Fund. AAUP president Cary Nelson is the editor. It is available free of charge to everyone interested in the topic at http://www.academicfreedomjournal.org/index.html

16 February 2010

GERAK/MOVE accepted as member of EI

Education International (EI) Council has accepted the membership of GERAK/MOVE during their meeting in December 2009. The membership application of GERAK/MOVE was first submitted in August 2006.

03 February 2010

University World News 3 February 2010

UK: Supporting the Boycott on Israel: A view from within
MALAYSIA: Court overturns book censure
TAIWAN: Higher salaries to lure top academics
IRELAND: Universities urged to sack incompetent academics
UK: Bogus institutions still a problem