30 September 2013

Inside Higher Education: Too quick to suspend?


“When a professor is suspended for expressing controversial ideas, it violates the rights of students to hear those ideas, and the rights of everyone on campus who must live in a climate of fear about freedom of expression.”
“A faculty member’s expression does not lose protection, nor is it punishable by a state university, simply because someone might find it offensive (even highly so).”
"Does the faculty member’s exercise of his or her rights violate anyone else’s?"

29 September 2013

7th Education Iinternational Asia Pacific Regional Conference


 Pembukaan oleh Dato' Mary Yap, Tim. Menteri Pelajaran

Wakil GERAK: Sdr Aznijar Yazid, Sdr Rosli Mahat, Sdri Sharifah Sophia

24 September 2013

The Star: Poser over results and rankings


The results of the World University Rankings are in, but can the respondents’ lack of familiarity to the Asia-Pacific region affect the standing of Malaysian institutions?

23 September 2013

Hazman Baharom: Universiti dan pengiktirafan: Ke mana keghairahan kita?


Mencatatkan sesuatu rekod — melakukan sesuatu yang belum pernah dicapai orang lain — sewajarnya merupakan suatu kebanggaan yang akan dikenang. Namun, kita perlu bertanya semula, adakah pencapaian yang dicapai itu benar-benar cocok dan layak dengan makna serta iltizam sebuah institusi ilmu? Atau dibuat hanya sekadar menjadi rekod Malaysia sahaja?

11 September 2013

NATURE: Scientist cleared of libel in Taiwan court


A Taiwanese environmental engineer sued for suggesting a link between a petrochemical company's emissions and cancer rates was today cleared of libel by a court.