30 September 2015

Education International (EI) Sub-Regional Workshop on Teachers Migration and Social Protection

Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, September 2015

Wakil GERAK: Sdr. Robert Jeyakumar (Belakang, kanan)

23 September 2015

Asian Correspondent: The plight of academic freedom in Malaysia

The government is pursuing new reforms and just recently released the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 with much fanfare. However, something conspicuously absent from these proposed reforms is a commitment to academic freedom.


16 September 2015

Academic revolution demands for open access to knowledge


The Guardian ........."Academic publishers operate with profit margins of 35% or more, while getting their raw materials and the work of thousands of taxpayer- and charity-funded scientists free.

Academics write the papers, academics referee the papers, academics select the papers that are going to be published – it's almost as though the publisher does nothing that we need except perhaps their organisational role and lending the name of the journal that confers a certain reputation."

15 September 2015

VOX: Liberal college students want to be "coddled".


Obama:  "The idea that you’d have somebody in government making a decision about what you should think ahead of time or what you should be taught, and if it’s not the right thought, or idea, or perspective or philosophy, that person would be — they wouldn’t get funding, runs contrary to everything we believe about education,"