06 February 2012

ASEAN TURN Workshop, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Trade Union Rights Network (TURN)

ASEAN Sub-regional Workshop on Trade Union Skills Development
12-14 September 2011, Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Organised by Education International (EI) and
Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)

Rey Dolot, EI Asia Pacific
Dominique Marlet, EI HQ Brussels
Andre Edelhoff, FES Asia

36 participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand
12 from Malaysia representing GERAK/MOVE, NUTP, MAE, SabahTU and SarawakTU

GERAK/MOVE representatives:
Rosli H Mahat, UM, General Secretary
Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf, IIUM, Committee Member

Freedom of association
Collective bargaining
Gender equality
Women rights
Education for all
Country reports
National action plans
International grievance machinery

Post workshop action plan:
Repeating the workshop for local members
National action plan for GERAK and university level organisations
Preparation for UN human rights review of Malaysia in 2013

Prof. Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf (GERAK, UIAM), Prof. Madya Rosli H Mahat (GERAK, UM)
& Ms. Azhani Maskan (MAE, INTI)

Asia Pacific Academics Conference (APAC)

First Announcement

Asia Pacific Academics Conference (APAC)
University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9-11 July 2012

Co-organized by
Malaysian Academics Movement (MOVE/GERAK)
University of Malaya Academic Staff Association (PKAUM).


Meetings among higher education staff unions and associations in the Asia Pacific region are very rare. The last meeting being the Education International (EI) 5th International Higher Education and Research Conference held in Melbourne, Australia in December 2005. Even on an international scale, we only have the Caucus on Higher Education and Research during EI Congresses. The last EI congress was held in 2010 at Cape Town, South Africa.

Due to this factor, collaborations and networking among the unions has been rather weak. In order to change this situation, this conference was organized as a meeting among academic staff organizations in the Asia Pacific region.

The University of Malaya Academic Staff Association will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its formation on 3 March 2012. It is the oldest academic union in Malaysia. This conference is to be part of this celebration.

This conference is co-organized by the Malaysian Academics Movement (MOVE / GERAK) and the University of Malaya Academic Staff Association (PKAUM).


To disseminate information on academic rights and increase the awareness and understanding of such rights.
To formulate a plan of action for national and international responses to breach of academic rights
To discuss about the current situation in the various countries and university campuses and provide solution for the problems.
To discuss problems of mutual interest
To buildup a network among academics in the Asia Pacific Region

Call for participation

Participation is open to academic and tertiary staff unions and associations. Individual academics, researchers, students, administrators and university officials are also welcome to participate.

Call for papers

The programmed will cover topics of interest to the academics. These include:

Academics rights
Trade union rights
Academic Advocacy and strategy
Country and campus reports
Organization reports
Academic assessment
University ranking
Teaching and learning
and others.

Participants are welcome to give a presentation to the conference on topics of interest to the participants. A proceeding of the conference is planned to be published.


Participants are encouraged to register as early as possible, especially those with intention to present a paper. Please register by submitting name, affiliation address, email and title of paper, if any to the address below.

The registration fees are as follows:

Normal participants RM400 (USD140)
Members of academic organizations RM300 (USD100)
Members of academic organizations from developing countries RM200 (USD70)


Accommodations are available at the University Guesthouse, University of Malaya and nearby hotels in Petaling Jaya. Arrangement will be made for morning pickup and evening drop-off. Further detail on the accommodations will be given in the second announcement.

Further information

For further information and preliminary registration, please contact:

Rosli H Mahat
General Secretary
Malaysian Academic Movement

c/o Physics Department, University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 16 6205242

Additional information will be given in the second announcement which will be mailed out in April 2012.