25 July 2014

Nature Outlook: Assessing Science


The issue of how to evaluate the fruits of academic research confronts scientists and policymakers all over the world. Each country has its own set of circumstances depending on its research infrastructure and wealth as well as its economic, environmental and developmental objectives. Australia and New Zealand might be neighbours, but their programmes of research assessment are very different. Focusing on the tools and methods used to measure the quality and impact of science in Australia and New Zealand should inform similar debates throughout the scientific world.

20 July 2014

GATERA: Tiadanya Kebebasan Akademik dan Bobroknya Dunia Akademik di Malaysia


Perintah Am”, “Tatatertib Guru” dan “Aku Janji” menjadikan ahli akademik tidak lagi berfungsi atau berupaya untuk menghidupkan konsep kebebasan akademik itu, malah sebahagian besarnya menjadikan konsep itu tidak relevan lagi dengan dunia akademiknya. Kebebasan akademik ditimpa sakit teruk, dan tiadalah pula tempat untuk mengubati atau diubatinya; malah dibiarkan begitu sahaja menuju nazak!

Shahrir Mohamad Zain
17 Ramadhan 1435/15 Julai 2014

The Academic’s Guide to Self-Publishing


“Self-publishing online has many benefits; it’s faster, free, and content is immediately accessible for everyone,” says Danielle Bengsch, a ResearchGatespeaker. “Researchers get the possibility to present parts of their research individually, e.g., datasets can be published in advance of a full-fledged article. Researchers can also share information about experiments that didn’t work out” a huge benefit for those who are unavailingly working on similar projects and for future researchers.”

BFM Podcast: Academic Freedom

Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar, Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya | Prof. Datuk Tamby Subahan Mohd Meerah, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Vice President, National Council of Professors | Dr. Rosli Mahat, Department of Physics, Universiti Malaya; General Secretary, Malaysia Academic Movement (MOVE), (National), 17-Jul-14 16:37

07 July 2014

Coming soon: AHELO: PISA for undergraduates

Third-year students were tested on critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and written communication. There were also discipline-specific trials for economics and engineering.

Are we ready for AHELO? Can our students performed? Can our universities performed?

Professor Mohamad Redzuan Othman

Umcedel chief asked to resign, Saifuddin quits
Nobody asked Mohamad Redzuan to resign, says sec-gen

Saifuddin quits as UM fellow in solidarity with dismissed Prof Redzuan
Umcedel findings 'no big deal', says KJ
VC: Redzuan's removal transparent, democratic
'My issue is Umcedel, not dean post'
MP: Redzuan's removal from Umcedel a step back
Union: Umcedel director's removal unacceptable
Minister doubts integrity of Umcedel polls
Heed Sultan Nazrin, PKR tells Education Ministry
'Muhyiddin should resign, not Redzuan or Saifuddin'
If you don’t like statistical facts, don’t be policymakers, analysts tell Putrajaya

UM denies don’s tenure not extended due to outside pressure

Education Ministry suppressing freedom, claims Bersih 2.0

‘Sad day for academic freedom’

DAP: Saifuddin a principled man

UM condemned over Redzuan’s resignation

Islamic groups team up in support of axed UM professor

Vexed students to protest for future generations
NGOs: Violation of academic freedom 'cancer'
Two UM students crop hair for academic freedom