16 April 2010

Cadangan untuk Kriteria Kenaikan Pangkat Profesor

Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) telah menubuhkan satu kumpulan pakar bagi penyediaan garis panduan standard untuk perlantikan profesor di IPT. Kumpulan pakar tersebut telah memberi perbentangan mengenai draf garis panduan kepada ahli-ahli Majlis Kerja GERAK di Putrajaya pada 22 Februari 2010.

GERAK menyokong baik usaha murni ini untuk menambahbaik cara perlantikan profesor dengan mengadakan satu standard minimum. Adalah diharapkan dengan adanya garis panduan ini, mertabat para profesor dan akademik, amnya akan dapat ditingkatkan.

GERAK juga menyokong KPT menetapkan standard minimum dan setiap IPT menentukan standard masing-masing yang lebih tinggi. Ini selaras dengan konsep autonomi universiti.

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EI First World Women’s Conference, scheduled for May 19-22, 2010 in Bangkok



Brussels, 13 April 2010

Dear Colleagues,

In the light of the unstable political situation in Thailand Education International wishes to announce that EI’s First World Women’s Conference, On the Move for Equality, scheduled for May 19-22, 2010 in Bangkok, has been postponed. It will be rescheduled later in the year in Bangkok in the same location at the Ambassador Hotel. The new dates, which will most likely be 24-27 September, will be confirmed to you as soon as we are advised that the situation has stabilized.

The decision to postpone the EI World Women’s Conference was taken by EI because several countries are now advising their citizens against travelling to Thailand, and the state of emergency, declared on 7th April, poses restrictions on freedom of assembly. Special permission from the Thai authorities would now be needed to hold the conference. Although EI would be likely to obtain such permission, it would be difficult to obtain it in time to allow the Conference to take place as scheduled. Unfortunately, relocating to another venue outside of Thailand on the scheduled dates is not feasible in the time available.
This circular will also be sent to all registered participants.

All registered participants who have already booked or purchased their flight to Thailand should contact their travel agency without delay to inquire about the possibility of changing and/or deferring their tickets to Bangkok by approximately five (5) months. An official statement from EI will be posted on the website www.ei-ie.org/women2010 for use by members with their travel or insurance agents in order to assist with claims for ticket refunds or ticket changes. EI will communicate directly with the Ambassador Hotel regarding reservations, and, subsequently, with all registered participants.

Please check the website for additional information, and for questions please contact women2010@ei-ie.org.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Fred van Leeuwen
General Secretary