23 January 2011

Globalisation: Mcdonaldlisation of Universities

Critics often speak of Westernisation or Americanisation and 'new imperialism' to describe the homogenising forces in higher education .This may be the case when certain models are imposed on countries, for instance by colonial powers or global institutions such as the World Bank. But in Southeast Asia - and in particular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia - the adoption of global university models appears more organic or voluntary.


22 January 2011

Academe: A Practical Guide to Television and Radio Interviews

Don’t get into a heated battle with TV and radio hosts, as they can keep slamming you on the air after the interview. Maintain your integrity, of course, but do so politely. The hosts control nearly everything during the interview process. They can put you on “delay” or turn off your feed. About the only thing you can control is walking off the set or hanging up the phone. But again, the hosts can slam you for doing that.


06 January 2011

Nature: Citation bubble about to burst?

Rankings are heavily influenced by citations, but these represent little more than symbols. They are comparable to the less-than-worthless collateralized debt obligations that drove the recent financial bubble, and, unlike concrete goods and real exports, they are easy to print and inflate .............