24 March 2014

UNIVERSITAS21 Ranking of National Higher Education System 2013


1 United States
2 Sweden
3 Switzerland
4 Canada
5 Denmark
6 Finland
7 Netherlands
8 Australia
9 Singapore
10 United Kingdom
11 Austria
11 Norway
13 Belgium
14 New Zealand
15 Germany
16 Hong Kong SAR
16 France
18 Ireland
19 Israel
20 Spain
21 Japan
22 Portugal
23 Slovenia
24 Korea
25 Czech Republic
26 Taiwan
27 Malaysia
28 Saudi Arabia
29 Italy
30 Poland
31 Greece
32 Serbia
33 Russian Federation
34 Hungary
35 Chile
35 Ukraine
37 Slovakia
38 Bulgaria
39 Romania
40 Argentina
41 Brazil
42 China
43 Mexico
44 Croatia
45 Turkey
46 South Africa
47 Thailand
48 Iran
49 India
50 Indonesia

Chomsky: How America's Great University System Is Getting Destroyed

Faculty are increasingly hired on the Wal-Mart model as temps.


07 March 2014


Notis Pertama
3 Mac 2014

Kepada semua ahli GERAK

Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan GERAK 2014

Dengan hormat dimaklumkan bahawa Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan GERAK untuk tahun 2014 akan diadakan pada hari Rabu 19 Mac 2014 mulai jam 4.00 ptg, bertempat di Bilik PKAUM, Rumah Universiti, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Tolong kemukakan usul untuk perbincangan secepat mungkin sebelum 10 Mac 2014.
Agenda mesyuarat adalah seperti berikut:
  1. Perbentangan Minit Mesyuarat Agung 2013
  2. Perkara berbangkit
  3. Perbentangan Laporan Tahunan 2013
  4. Perbentangan Laporan Kewangan 2013
  5. Aktiviti 2014
  6. Hal-hal lain.
Sekian dengan ucapan terima kasih.

Rosli H Mahat

03 March 2014

Education Under Attack 2014

The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) has released a 250 page report on attacks on schools and universities over the last five years. Thirty countries were highlighted for having significant number of attacks. Malaysia escaped.

"Attacks on higher education communities have been documented in armed conflicts, but many also occur under repressive regimes where armed conflict may not be present. Indeed, some of the most damaging attacks on higher education happen in situations where universities and their academics and students are perceived by repressive authorities as a ‘threat’ in a way that schools, teachers and pupils typically are not. As a result, they may be at heightened risk of individual attacks or campaigns comprising multiple attacks over an extended period, whether aimed at the isolation and persecution of a single target or the intimidation of the higher education community as a whole."