22 July 2015

How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang


Academic systems rely on the existence of a supply of “outsiders” ready to forgo wages and employment security in exchange for the prospect of uncertain security, prestige, freedom and reasonably high salaries that tenured positions entail. Drawing on data from the US, Germany and the UK, Alexandre Afonso looks at how the academic job market is structured in many respects like a drug gang, with an expanding mass of outsiders and a shrinking core of insiders.

04 July 2015

Scholars-at-Risk releases report on attacks on universities

SAR releases Free to Think, a path-breaking report on the crisis of attacks on higher education

June 23, 2015 -- At the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Scholars at Risk released Free to Think, the first report of its kind demonstrating the alarming frequency and scope of attacks on scholars, students and other members of higher education communities worldwide.

The report, which culminates four years of monitoring and reporting from SAR staff and researchers around the world, analyzes 333 attacks on higher education arising from 247 verified incidents in 65 countries between January 2011 and May 2015.

"Attacks on higher education are at crisis levels"
(New York) - Scholars at Risk announces the release of Free to Think, a report of the Academic Freedom Monitoring Project. The culmination of four years of monitoring and analysis by SAR staff and researchers around the world, the report analyzes 333 attacks on higher education communities in 65 countries from January 2011 to May 2015, demonstrating the pressing need to raise awareness and document attacks on higher education:
  • There is a crisis of attacks on higher education communities around the world.
  • Attacks on universities, scholars and students are early warning signs of political, social and cultural insecurity.
  • Universities and scholars are critical parts of national infrastructure that is essential to rebuilding conflict torn states.
The report calls on all stakeholders, including the international community, states, the higher education sector, civil society and the public at large to undertake concrete actions to increase protection for higher education communities, including documenting and investigating attacks, and holding perpetrators accountable.
SAR invites you to download and share the report with your networks over social media. Use the hashtag  #Free2Think and join the conversation!