24 December 2010

The Art-Science Devide

Scientists must reach across the divide and speak up for campus colleagues in arts and humanities departments

Nature: Save university arts from the bean counters

09 December 2010

Nature: Singapore's salad days are over

Uncertainty has replaced confidence as economic reality bites science in the city-state and scientists find that their research funds now come with strings attached.


Nature: Self-plagiarism case prompts calls for agencies to tighten rules

Is plagiarism a sin if the duplicated material is one's own? Self-plagiarism may seem a smaller infraction than stealing another author's work, but the practice is under increasing scrutiny, as the eruption two weeks ago of a long-standing controversy at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, makes clear.

To read more, see http://www.nature.com/news/2010/101207/full/468745a.html