18 October 2010

Scientists Without Borders

Dear Colleague,
Scientists Without Borders unveiled its new website during the United Nations General Assembly week. We invite YOU to be one of the first to explore the site.To get started, simply click here to create your profile, then start exploring. If you experience any difficulties or need any additional assistance, please email administrator@scientistswithoutborders.org

Below you will find a list of the new features available on the website and we encourage you to send us your feedback. Feel free to share this with colleagues and friends who may also be interested in sharing challenges and solutions around the world. Links to our Facebook and Twitter feeds can be found in the right hand column.

SPECIAL NEW FEATUREAs you will see, we have redesigned the website to enhance your experience and provide you with greater opportunity to connect with one another and to use your vast expertise, skills, resources and passion, to collaboratively tackle the urgent global development challenges facing our planet.CHALLENGESAmong the most exciting new things Scientists Without Borders now provides is a “Challenges” feature. The Scientists Without Borders Challenges represent our commitment to using innovative methods to enable you, our users and partners, to leverage your cross-disciplinary, multi-sector expertise and resources and generate meaningful impact in realizing our shared commitment to improving the quality of life in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

POST YOUR CHALLENGES: Now you can post a challenge that you are facing in your work – whatever it may be – and seek solutions from the worldwide network of creative Scientists Without Borders problem-solvers.

OFFER SOLUTIONS: Check out the current challenges posted on the site and put your own problem-solving skills to work. Collaborate with fellow users to generate and refine the solutions offered or offer your resources – ranging from expertise, time, services, and equipment – in our Scientists Without Borders Exchange.

Click here to read more about posting challenges and offering solutions. Click the FAQ link in the left hand column. SPREAD THE WORDWe invite you to spread the word to your friends and colleagues to become members of Scientists Without Borders and encourage you to share your activities within the Scientists Without Borders platform and across your own social networks. The more passionate and committed problem-solvers we can bring into the community, the greater our collective impact will be.

We thank you for being such an important part of Scientists Without Borders and we are looking forward to working together with you on these important issues. Feel free to contact us: administrator@scientistswithoutborders.org.

Warmest regards,
Shaifali Puri
Executive Director

As core members of our community, we are very interested in your feedback and suggestions as you explore and navigate the new website. We very much value and benefit from your insights and feedback so that we can provide the best tools and environment for you. If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please email us at

The New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich St, 40th Fl
New York, NY 10007-2157

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