21 February 2013

Share My Lesson


Brussels, 19 February 2013

Re: ‘Share My Lesson’

Dear Colleagues,

At EI’s annual conference for our affiliates in the OECD member countries, the American Federation of Teachers and its British partner, TES Connect, hosted a reception at which the new, online teacher resource and collaboration platform, Share My Lesson was presented.  I want all of our affiliates to be introduced to this innovative use of technology to support the professional development of educators.

This is not an ordinary web based classroom tool. These are resources that have been designed by teachers for teachers and have a proven track record.  And unlike many commercial offerings, they are free.  See for yourself. Go to www.sharemylesson.com  now and register.  Teachers in more than 50 countries are already using Share My Lesson.

EI is a content partner with Share My Lesson and the classroom materials we have developed such as Building a Gender Friendly School Environmentand the Leadership in the HIV and AIDS Response toolkit are available on the web site.

Delegates from our OECD affiliates who attended the demonstration session held by the AFT and TES Connect in London came away with an appreciation of the real benefits to teachers from online collaboration tools like Share My Lesson.  We would like for all of our affiliates to have the same opportunity, and we encourage you to visit SML at www.sharemylesson.com .  We also hope you will put up a link on your web site so that your members can also visit SML.  AFT staff are available to answer questions about accessing SML, providing a link for your members or any other issue.  You can reach them at lspecht@aft.org.

Yours sincerely,

Fred van Leeuwen
General Secretary

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