25 August 2014

Malaysiakini: Explore Vocational Education for High-Income Career Pathways


Crucially, as part of the Vocational Education Transformation Programme which has been undertaken for the past two years, the MoE has created this alternative pathway for students early on, allowing students to join the TVET stream at the lower secondary level. In this way, even children who do not do well in school can still aim for a lucrative career in ICT, oil and gas, biotechnology and a host of other industries without missing a beat. 
While many Malaysians still see a university education as the only way to get a job and become successful, on the contrary, the country is in need of highly-skilled workers trained in specialised fields. This is underscored by the 3.3 million jobs to be generated through the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), of which almost half comprise skills-based jobs. 

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