11 September 2016

EuasiaReview: Why Malaysian Universities Are Performing Poorly


Suppressing independent thought, is counterproductive to creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, the very mindset that Malaysian universities espouse to develop. Among the characteristics of society required for progression are people who are knowledgeable and have the right to choose.


Why Malaysian universities may not be performing as they should.
1) The appointment of vice-chancellors must be totally based on his academic and administrative merits. 
2) Blind loyalty to the government will lead to poor academic integrity.
3) The Malaysian government research funds provided to Malaysian university can only be used for research in Malaysia. 
4) The easiest way for an academic to get promotion in a Malaysian university is through an administrative post. 
5) University is not a typical civil service organization.
6) Malaysian universities should be given the autonomy and self-governance, free of the political chains that have besieged them all along. 
7) Academic freedom is a basic human right and academic quality is a prerequisite for national survival. 

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